Undertale (Czech) Wiki

DUŠE je esence celého života, nehledě jestli lidí nebo monster Duše hraje obrovskou roli celého Undertale.

Ve hře, lidská DUŠE, a DUŠE monster společně může projít barriéru, dokud jí sedum lidských duší nezničí.

DUŠE vypadá jako srdce. Lidská DUŠE normálně, a DUŠE monster obráceně.


Ve hře

Hráč pohybuje duší svýma šipkama/joystickem. Jeho duše se může volně pohybovat po "prostoru na duši", and the border encloses the SOUL. In menus, the SOUL indicates the selected option.

During the enemy's turn in battle, the protagonist moves their SOUL to avoid attacks. If the protagonist collides with hazards (such as lasers or Undyne's energy spears) in the environment, they enter a brief encounterwhere the antagonist attacks their SOUL.

If the protagonist's HP reaches 0, their SOUL splits and shatters, resulting in a Game Over. However, during the battle against Asriel Dreemurr, the protagonist's Determination restores their SOUL back to full HP if it reaches zero. The SOUL breaks as normal, the text "But it refused" displays, and the soul fuses back together. Also, in Papyrus's battle, the SOUL can survive an attack that would reduce its HP to zero. However, it still counts as a loss since Papyrus captures the protagonist.

The protagonist's SOUL is red. However, SOUL Modes temporarily change its color.

Monster SOULs Edit

The SOUL of a monster is upside down and white. The protagonist sees monster SOULs on multiple occasions, such as when Flowey takes all the monsters' SOULs and transforms into Asriel Dreemurr, or when Toriel or Asgore Dreemurr are dying.

A monster's SOUL is weak and does not persist after death unless said monster is a Boss Monster. Monsters believe that love, mercy, and compassion compose a monster's SOUL. Human SOULs, which are much stronger, do not need any of these traits. All monster SOULs in the Underground equate to the power of one human SOUL.

A monster's SOUL composes their entire being. This is why a monster becomes weaker when an enemy gains EXP and LV, and why it becomes harder for monsters to fight when they are not inclined to do so. This trait is also why when a monster dies, their form dissipates as their SOUL disappears.

Human SOULs Edit

Human SOULs come in several colors and are stronger than monsters' SOULs; for this reason, human SOULs persist after death.

A human's SOUL is not the entirety of their being, but rather their essence housed in a physical body. This is why humans are stronger than monsters when it comes to physical attacks. Determination resides in a human's body, though Alphys extracted it from the human SOULs.